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entire jar - poems

In this book, you dive into the mind of Max Asbeek Brusse also known as ‘’The left handed writer’’.

He likes to see himself as an observational writer. Taking in everything from his surroundings, nature, and human behavior and turning it into poetry!

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Lucy and the
stone of life

After the Hundred Years War, people were beaten, exhausted. They might have won the battle, but it felt like they had lost the war. If only they knew this was going to be the cost for winning, then surely they would’ve thought twice.The entire kingdom of Eudolyria…

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Do you want a special gift for a loved one or a good friend? 
Show your thoughtfulness?

Give them a poem!

Get your message across in a creative way!

All you have to do is give me some descriptions of what you’re looking for, and I’ll write you an original custom made piece of literature typed out on my typewriter.

Available from august!


*To ensure I execute what you’re trying to convey best, I’ve made a custom poetry questionnaire which will be send to you by email to fill out by check out. This way we’re on the same wave length!  You will receive a digital file of the poem as well, so in case something ever happens you always got a copy 😉 *P.S Please allow for 2-3 weeks for writing, creating and packaging


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