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After the Hundred Years War, people were beaten, exhausted. They might have won the battle, but it felt like they had lost the war. If only they knew this was going to be the cost for winning, then surely they would've thought twice.The entire kingdom of Eudolyria was shrouded with a black shadow, blocking every bit of sun, creating darkness all around. The curse, that the witch Meredith had placed on the land, had everyone shaken. Before she too disappeared into the darkness she created, she made a prophecy that would forever be remembered by the people. ”Only a girl that is pure of heart, with the spirit of life itself, will be able to find the stone of life. Only her touch will undo the effects of the curse and return this kingdom to its original glory.” Completely unaware of there being a prophecy, down the rear end of the river, a little village could be found. Veneceria it was called. Here, a little girl named Lucy Roselund was walking down the river with her dog, Shadow; looking for small rocks she could skim over it. Little did she know her life was completely going to change...

Lucy and the stone of life - The Left Handed Writer

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