My very first book!  Lucy and the stone of life is a ''once upon a time'' story. An exciting adventure to find the girl pure of heart with the spirit of life itself. Only to her will the stone of life show itself and only to her touch will the curse the plagues the kingdom be lifted. 


Lucy and the stone of life is a lovely story to read to your children, it's thrilling, but not too vile and when they are a little bit older they can read it themselves! However, if you like a good adventure, fantasy book then it's for all ages really. The book has 4 lovely illustrations in them, providing that extra scope for the imagination. Let go of all your worries and let yourself get wrapped up by the story like when you were younger. 


You can get the original book on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Chapters indigo.

But if you want to go that extra step, get a signed copy!? With a little note from me ! 

Then this is for you.

Lucy and the stone of life - SIGNED COPY!