The blueprint to inspiration is a guide towards your own inspiration. Stuck with writersblock again? Do you need a fresh perspective? Or something to get your mind of off things, so you can dive back in, fully inspired? Yes?  Then this E- book is for you! I made a costumized blueprint with exercises to help you channel your own inspiration again. 


In the E-Book you'll find:


  • 5 easy exercises with clear explanations
  • 5 tips
  • and lastly, QR codes that link to my Instagram @the_left_handed_writer which are used as examples where I apply the exercises.


The exercises make use of every day things that you can use as your own inspiration.  It will help you reveal what is already there and serve as your compas towards your own inspiration. Have fun with the exercises. Yours sincerely,


The left handed writer

Blueprint to inspiration

  • 1.69 mb