Canadians a fairytale or the truth

2 years ago I went to Canada for the first time. I had to do an internship at a nice resort for my studies. This experience made me fall in love with the country and the people.

One of my good Canadian friends gave me a great article topic. ‘’Wouldn’t it be fun to finally cut through all the controversy and burry up the truth about what is true about Canadians and what not.

That's a neat topic! Before I knew it I was writing the article.

I've looked up some stereotypes of Canadians described on the internet, asked some of my Canadian friends what embodies them as true Canadians and all that together resulted in what you see below.

1. Big hearts, care and repect for others

I feel like this is definitely true. During my experience in Canada I’ve met loads of different people and noticed that a lot of things are build on trust, respect and caring for each other. Most Canadians are very spontaneous and very welcoming when you’re new to a group or workplace. There principles go so far, that even if a man/woman has their most important interview for their dream job they’ll still hold the door open for you and risk being late. The sincerity in their kindness is what I love about Canadians.

2. (ice)Hockey

The biggest sport in Canada is: ice hockey. From a young age children learn to ice skate. Probably even earlier then they learn how to ride a bike. Since you’ll fall on your face anyway riding the bike due to icy/snowy roads. That on it’s own isn’t really a big motivation to learn how to ride a bike. What am I saying it doesn’t even matter, because Canadians can start driving lessons at 13 years old.

They can get a freaking driving license at 14 years old! Ok, granted with parental consent, but still. A 14 years old that is allowed to drive a car is nuts to me.

No wonder why outsiders/expats can only rent a car in Canada if they are 25 years old. Because the youth has the highest accident ratio in the country and those are Canadians, their own people! Like hell we are allowing foreigners to drive a car because that is way too dangerous. Sure guys, whatever you tell yourself. LOL.

3. Tim Hortons

The beloved franchise which all Canadians love to death. In the morning, the afternoon or the evening. It’s always a good time for some Timmies. To me Tim Hortons is a bit meh. Their coffee is mediocre, their buns, croissants or other pastries are so shiny it’s basically just some dough drained in fat. They even have a kids menu now. YOU ARE A COFFEE SHOP. What are you thinking!? honestely, it is truly confusing to me.

You’re not a grand café or a French boulangerie, clearly you’re not a coffee shop anymore either. I feel like Tim Hortons have kind a lost their identity.

4. Say sorry all the time

Ridiculous is the correct word for it. I have never seen anything like this in other countries. Canadians use the word sorry as it is a noun. They say it so often that even when they do something nice for someone else they say sorry for doing something nice. I guess this habit has also helped them to become the number 12 in the top 25 countries with of nicest nationalities. But if sorry were to be used as how Canadians say: ‘’how are you” then I doubt how sincere they are when they are saying sorry xD.

''How are you?'' : in Canada, is used as a greeting. This might hurt your ego's but do not expect that they actually care about your well being when your walking past someone who says ‘’How are you’’ because they just say hi.

I’ve tested this theory multiple times. You too, is a in build response when saying ‘’how are you’’ when used in the context of a greeting. Example: ‘’How are ya!?’’ ‘’Great! Hey have you gained some weight?’’ ‘’Oh nice, you too !

Ok, another one. ‘’How are you!?’’ ‘’Not that great, I am currently in a depression’’ ‘’Amazing, a good day to you too!’’

As I was saying. It doesn’t matter how you phrase it. You got too at least ask multiple question to actually break through the ‘’habit barrier’’. Only then you’ll know whether they are sincere about what they are saying.

5. Family people

Canadians are biggg on family. At least a very large number of them, there are always exceptions of course.

Everybody in the family keeps track on what happens in each other’s life’s. Studies, new house, kids, new car, relationships, traveling, etc. They make this easier by using Facebook. A Canadian’s Facebook gives you a very in depth profile of the person itself, because it is the main platform where they share everything on.

As you might know Canada is pretty big. To drive to the other province you might be looking at a 5 hour drive, at least!? It is not uncommon for Canadians to go visit some family members, when they have a couple days off. Since flights are fairly expensive the car is the most favourable way of transportation. Gas costs like nothing in Canada, so it is way cheaper to travel by car. I already find it far if I have to drive for 1,5 hours to visit my grandparents. For Dutch standards that's quite fair, because this means you're almost crossing the entire country xD.

6. Teen pregnancies

If MTV ever lacks content for their series 16 and pregnant, they just have to drop by Canada and ring a couple doorbells in the nearest street.

Yeah, teen pregnancies aren’t really as big of a thing in Canada as in other countries. It’s kind of a vicious circle to be honest. The parents got their children at a young age, so whenever there girlfriend gets pregnant (cause who still uses condoms, right) they just think: I turned out alright, I can do this too. Parents will help financially or offer accommodation in most cases, but there are plenty of situations where they honestly are not in a place where they can raise a kid properly.

Are they not aware this screws up their entire future? Well for as far I know a lot of kids/teenagers are aware of the situation, but they just think they will be able to struggle through it somehow. I talked to some friends of mine in Canada what they think of the matter. Most of them wouldn't want to have a kid at 18 years old and are more focussed on their studies or careers. So, it appears it is more often cases like mentioned above when youngsters start kids early.

7. Weed

I mean I am from The Netherlands where weed is legalized. It has been allowed in Canada too now for not too long, but I have never seen people smoke that much weed.

In case of stress, anxiety, anger, to suppress other addiction or just because they like it. All, are reasons Canadians smoke weed. In large amounts as well. When I was in Canada I asked how much they pay for their weed. Compared to the dutch price it is actually super cheap.

A lot of people prefer weed over there complicated medications. It offers the same effect without influencing your hormones too much, compared to the medication mix who would make you trip for a long time.

Given, it is a natural product, but too relaxed is also not good. You lack a lot of focus when your under the influence of weed. This doesn't neccisairly help with studies or other proactive things.

This brings us to the end of the stereotypes. I hope this gives some more clearence on how Canadians are. For all my Canadian friends. If you feel like I am wrong about something. Sorry ;P, but not sorry. It is mainly just my opinion and you are your own person so who am I to say what defines you, right ;).

I wish you all a good evening!

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With kind regards,

The left handed writer

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