How to get rid of your winter depression

We all might have noticed it once or twice. Whenever we switch over to the winter season we all feel less energetic/less happy(enthousiastic) as in the other seasons. It is the season were the sky decides to follow the trend ‘’eco-friendly’’ and shut off the lights early. Meaning: less sun, less vitamin d.

Very spontaneous and sexually frustrated woman might see this as a opportunity, like : Yeah that’s what I am saying all along! I need to get more D. Yeah, right. Get that d girl.

No, all the jokes aside. Besides all the fun Christmas holidays that are supposed to cheer you up and create a month full of joy and bliss. It does completely the opposite. Hell, even Netflix keeps bombarding you with cheesy Christmas movies that definitely makes you feel like you don’t have your life in order. Which gives you that last psychological kick in the nuts to push you off the edge.

Misery, despair, it being hard to wake up in the mornings, being moody, lack of motivation for things. You might think no no no that doesn’t happen to me I am different. But, if you're truly honest with yourself then you know something shifts when the winter season starts again. Now you think: Well ok smartass you convinced me I do feel shit. I might have noticed some changes, but what should I do? Glad you asked 😊.

Since I am one of those people that definitely feels les pro-active in the winter season I’ll share some methods I’d picked up through the years.

1.Vitamin Pills

Because the lack of sun in the winter times and you being inside all day at the office during the hours it’s actually light outside, you miss out on a lot of the recquired vitamin d that you need. So, since you’re already popping pills this holiday season anyway, you might as well take some extra that are actually good for you 😉.

They help me a lot! I wake up easier in the mornings and are overall in a way better mood then when I don’t take them.

2. Going outside

Especially when it is shitty weather outside we don’t necessarily feel the urge to go outside. This is kind of a follow up on number 1. The fresh air, the winter breeze a nice walk, working out. Taking in as much sun as there is is still the best option then having to take pills.

3. Go on a holiday to a sunny destination.

This is kind of a obvious answer. If you lack sun, just go where the sun is. You were planning to go on that ski holiday anyway. Just cancel it and book something warm. Charge yourself up for the rest of the winter and BAM your good until spring arrives.

4. Talk to people, raise awareness

‘’Hi my name is Max and I am a winter depressionist’’ (yeah, just made that up and it's a word now). Sure, missing certain vitamins or incentives can influence your mood, but there are a lot of ways to get out of that depression/bad feeling. Talk to your friends/family about it.

Often by discussing a common issue you find more clarity in why you feel a certain way and this helps you coop with the problem at hand. It helps you guide these emotions/feelings and you feel better almost instantly.

‘’You have to experience sadness to understand what makes you happy in life’’. Causes in fact what happines truly is is you being less sad then ‘’the other guy’’. I picked up this perspective from the book: The subtle art of not giving a *. It basically says that life is a problem canon and you just find solutions that make the problem less of a problem to the point where you don't give a fuck about it anymore.

5. Making up excuses to not do stuff

Part of being in this ‘’winter depression’’ is that you find yourself with a lack of motivation/inspiration. Fact is, is that people often think that you need inspiration to get motivated to do something, the truth is the opposite. You don’t necessarily need motivation to start something. You know that you feel great after you’ve done ‘’that’’ something you want to achieve.

Ok, so with this knowledge, regardless of it going the way you want and you being successful at the end of it. Then, what do you have to lose, right?

Action-> motivation-> inspiration. That is the order of how I see it. While you're doing it, you gain motivation and through your action you gain inspiration to experiment or doing things in a alternative way. The circle is round 😊.

For me that’s sports. I used to be super pro-active in sports, but now I don’t do it as often as back in the day. I know that whenever I work out for an hour I feel great. Energized, buzzing and alive. The ideal way of making yourself do it is of course to make it a habbit. Habbits are actions you don’t need inspiration for or at least very little. You’ve grown a custom to them, it is part of your daily routine.

One of my other issues is. I am actively ignoring my responsibility to continue writing my book. I know I should be putting words on a page, but I use this kind of ignorance as a inspiration for my blog. Unconsciously I am thinking about my book. So, while writing this article I am thinking of a way to continue and develop my main character.

The Christmas times are full of fun events. Festivals, markets, shopping sprees and foooddddd, lots of food. Get out of your apartment you hermit and do some fun activities together! Even better, be spontaneous and meet new people along the way.

Wonderful thing about Christmas, people seem to be actually willing to help other people and be nice to eachother during the Christmas season.

Maybe it’s because of the hated grinch image that has been created throughout the years and you don’t want to be a grinch obviously. Or maybe it’s because we can finally drop the diet façade and embrace our inner munchies feeling, so we can all get as fat as our beloved santa. I don’t know what the reason is, but I am glad people put their differences aside and try to have a good time during christmas.

I hope you all are having a good time so far during this last month of 2018. Decorating your houses, lighting up the chimneys and buying your presents.

If you feel like you are suffering from a winter depression know that you’re not alone. I hope these tips helped you to stay in touch with your good vibezzzz.

I wish you all a nice Sunday.

With kind regards,

The left handed writer

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