the 5 most annoying things that happen in a public/hotel restroom

I think we've all experienced some things in public toilets or hotel bathrooms that we are not really fond about. Things that could make a visit to the restroom a very awkward experience. It would be nice if we could avoid these situations, but sadly this unavoidable.

Because I work in a hotel myself it started to get my attention more and more how often it actually happens. I am talking about all the dirty/stupid stuff that happens in a restroom and I am about to give you my top 5.

1. Not putting a ''IT IS SLIPPERY'' sign in the bathroom when your done mopping the floor.

You have no idea how often I tripped and fell on my bum because they didn't put up a damn sign. I am fine with it, but imagine an old lady tripping she probably has multiple fractured bones. Care, the bathroom is a dangerous place.

2. (this one is for men) peeing besides the urinal.

I might understand that you are not a god on call of duty, battleground or any other war game where you have to aim, but just shoot within the range of the toilet Jesus.

It is actually insane how many times I have to mop the floor, because some wanker thought this was the right moment to think OUTSIDE of the box.

3. Being out off soap dispenser.

For most people it is a habit to wash your hands after you've taken a dump or emptied your bladder. So you can imagine there is nothing more annoying whenever you press the button of the soap dispenser and come to the realization that it is empty.

What now? Your hands are still dirty and slightly smell like shit, because you've just wiped your ass. There is no alternative. So what do you do?

You're probably praying that everybody you're with suddenly catches a cold which makes them unable to smell your awkward encounter on the bathroom or you just fled the scene and text your friends that something came up.

If you are that brave person though who just doesn't give a shit ( see what I did there :P)

Then you go back in and face the music.

4. being out of toilet paper

You might have had this situation at home. You really had to go to the toilet and whenever you feel relieved because you have lost that tension you were feeling earlier you come to the conclusion that there is no toilet paper. At home you would just shout to your siblings : HELP I NEED TOILET PAPER where your sibling then comes up and saves the day.

In a public restroom or hotel this is not the case unfortunately. You are in deep trouble. You are looking at your options. What can I do?

1. Ignore it and just pull up your pants neglecting the fact that there is still shit between your butt cheeks.

2. Peek through the door to see if the coast is clear and then quickly sprint to the other toilet booth hoping that there is toilet paper there

3. Calling the friend your with to get some in the other toilet and casually slide it to yours.

Due note that these options are not great and will probably give you the feeling to say: none of the above, but you gotta do something, right?!

5. Leaving the toilet without flushing or cleaning it after you've taken a dump.

I know that you might felt like Picasso creating such a wonderful masterpiece like that, but this doesn't mean you have to keep it on display for others to see. Just say your goodbyes and flush the toilet.

Great! You flushed the toilet, your heading into the right direction. WAIT?! Don't go yet. You are not done. Grab the toilet brush and finish your painting. Now someone else has the opportunity to make their own creation on a blank canvas. Good job!

Yessssss, that's a wrap. This was my : ''the 5 most annoying things that happen in a public/hotel restroom. If you liked it then please subscribe to my blog by filling in your email and pressing subscribe ( top right corner on the home page)

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