Top 10 most annoying things at school

Because it is the time in the year again where all the high schools are taking exams, I thought it would be fun to write an article about 10 of the most annoying things that happen in class in my opinion. I am not in school anymore but some of the things that I experienced and I think we all experienced stuck with me.

1. Raising your hand to ask a question because you literally hadn't payed attention to what the teacher was explaining all this time.

Not only does this make you look like a fool. It pisses the teachers off which makes him/her more likely to give you extra homework.

2. Coming late EVERYDAY

I know school isn't always fun and no one expects you to be motivated 24/7, but coming late everyday is not only disturbing the class, these people give the most lamest excuses of WHY they are too late.

In my case this was a girl and she would say that her metro was delayed. I know the public transport in The Netherlands sucks very often, but there is no way that this same metro/tram is delayed everytime you're on it.

3. Not having a pen with you

Like, what are you even doing here if you can't take any notes. You don't have perfect recall, you are no genius so put a pen in your backpack when you leave. The worst thing. I would be fine if it was only one day. But this person in general always just asked around if he could borrow a pen. I mean, come on dude. And if I give him/her a lecture about that I am not giving him/her a pen anymore because he doesn't deserve it then I am suddenly NOT cool. What is with that. I am not the one wronged here. He is just bloody stupid.

4. Teachers that don't know how computer equipment works.

Nowadays, in this modern era we have gained so much possibilities through computers at school. Unfortunately the teachers before this modern age don't always inform themselves about the changes in the school or what is happening around them. You actually still have teachers that don't know how to start a power point presentation. They take up to 50% of the time doing there set up before they can actually start the lesson. I know that most of you might be fine with that and think: chill, the lesson is almost over and I haven't done shit, but for the other students that actually want to learn something it is not so great.

5. Teachers that are foreigners that never took a language course to ACTUALLY learn the language of the country that they are in.

On my school we had a teacher that gave a sort of political course. It had to do with your own development and how you saw yourself in 10 years, if you would want to change anything, would you be more environmental? Such sort of questions etc.

The teacher that gave this course was already in The Netherlands for like 10 years and her Dutch sucked. I mean you are a teacher. You should be able to communicate with the students. We should not be the ones correcting you in every sentence because you're using the verbs incorrectly.

6. Talking.

yes, talking. This is NEVER about school. Just about stupid random stuff. Unless you have a dictator or an old school bad ass teacher that can remain order, talking is going to disturb the lessons a lot. This decreases the amount of information the teacher can give you during the lesson and it leaves you with a bomb of homework of stuff you never got to understand. because the teacher never got to that part due to being interrupted everytime.

It doesn't matter if you whisper a little bit. But man.... some people just started having discussions in the classroom about for instance how shitty the weather is outside today. Dude, you are inside, you are not getting wet, end of discussion now pay attention to the class.

7. Not making homework.

I am sorry about all the college people that might disagree with this, but unless you are on the rugby team and you don't make your homework anyway all the others should.

Whenever the class starts the first thing you will do is check the homework and move on with the next subject in the book. If the teacher has to send out people every class because people don't do their homework (and it really isn't a lot most of the time) then why bother coming to the lesson at all.

Often these people start to have a discussion with the teacher...... They start to give arguments like: Well, if I am not in the class how can you expect me to learn anything and pass your course. I mean, that is what you want right? And then the teacher often gives in and let them participate in the lesson anyway. Instead of having some balls and tell them that no matter what stupid lecture they come up with they are responsible for attending classes and doing homework for their own benefits, if they don't then they should not participate in your classes and you send them off. Easy as that.

As long as teachers keep making exceptions and are not strict. Then there will always be people that lack drive, motivation or structure.

8. Lessons that fall out and the school doesn't have any substitutes left.

I probably found this the most annoying thing when attending school. This would just create this massive gab in your day where you had to wait for 3 hours to go to that last lesson instead of going home. This is a BIG motivator of skipping classes. You know in advance that the teacher of this course is going away or either sick. Because they have to tell you at least the day before if they feel bad.

If you can't get a substitute teacher then you should shove the last lesson to an earlier hour so your students don't have to pick their noses for 3 hours straight.

I don't know if that is just my school or that this is a global problem. Let me know in the comments below ^^.

9. Not restocking the food at the cafeteria.

Ok, you are done with your lessons its lunch time and it is a little bit later then 12 o'clock. When you get there you just want to order a sandwich or whatever. There is nothing more annoying that when you get down to come to the conclusion that every single sandwich or other species of food is gone. The auditorium is completely full with people and you are left without any food, which means you have to go to the local supermarket on the corner to get some shitty food.

10. Not taking your books with you

This might be my biggest frustration. Guys you don't have a photographic memory so just, please.... take your books to school. It is actually insane that on a frequent bases people forget there books. By the looks of it this next generation is going to have the Alzheimer's disease at 30 xD.

That's a wrap guys. Hope you like it. Do you have anything to add to the list? Any boiled up frustration of your high school/college time. I am curious. Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this article then like my Facebook page and subscribe to my blog to stay updated on whenever I post a new article :). Thanks in advance.

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