How to put yourself first

Yes. In this article I am going to be to what some may say selfish.

Not shellfish :P, selfish. weirdo's.

I am talking about the ''You only think about yourself'' term.

Well normally I would not promote being selfish, since I think that taking in count what others might want is good too, but this is about YOU.

What you want and what others want don't always go hand in hand. Friends might disagree with what you are trying to do, cause they think you have more potential in doing something else. If they are true friends then they will support you no matter what you plan on doing. If it makes you happy then your friends should bury the hatchet and make peace with whatever YOU want to do.

It is not always easy to make that decision and it might leave you indecisive, cause you are scared of the consequences.

What if I lose friends, family or lose something else in the process that is dear to me? Well let me tell you, this is one of those ''for the greater good'' moments.

If you leave yourself stranded on that Island of creativity and dreams and never take any action to come off the Island then you are going to be forever stuck there.

So I say wave your flag, scream for help, look around and get of that damn Island.

There are so many inspired people in this world with ambitions just like you. It really does help to talk to one another and hear others there stories. It might give you that little bit of confidence to think: Well, if he can do it?! Then why can't I? You got to push yourself over the edge and pull through.

Fact is, you are always going to lose something in the process but in general it will be a big win for yourself. For your development as a person, in your life and your career.

So how do I come to those decisions? Well, don't get me wrong but I often struggle with choices too.

What I'd like to do is sketch a picture in my head with me after I made the decision. Does it help me grow as a person? Yes! Does it help me develop my career? Uhu. OK,lets do it! I count to 3 and I take the dive.

Truth is that no one should be telling you how to live your life, be yourself and go do what you love. Find those hidden talents. Accept you and you will meet people that love you for you.

The best feeling is whenever I go shopping for clothes. I am like super focused. If I like it or not its a matter of seconds. 2 min and I walk back out on the street again with either my new clothes or nothing. Very efficient.

For decisions in general it is always going to be a fight between what your heart wants and what your brain tells you what would be the BEST decision. The key is to find that balance. You got to create that guts feeling and chase your dreams. That sounds so easy, but I know that in reality this often is a struggle.

You can't give up on everything just like that due to your situation. Well sorry, I have to be blunt here, that is bullshit. You can always do SOMETHING. You can set goals for yourself.

Even if it goes super slow and you make little baby steps. You are at least moving forward to something you love so you can leave that situation that you are in behind. Believe when I say that it is worth it. Even if it doesn't work out the way you wanted it. It will still make big impact in how you are going to make your decisions in the future. Because you do it from a perspective where YOU profit from it.

I quit my job cause I didn't like it and pursued something else cause I felt like that was the right choice at moment and now I got this amazing job offered to me in a great hotel and things are going great! What might be not the right thing at the moment, might in the future be the thing you are looking for. Never completely abandon your past. It might be useful.

Never really done something like an inspirational post, but it feels pretty good. If you liked the article then post a comment with a short term goal that you want to achieve in the upcoming goal. It can be anything, speak your mind or your heart ;).

I wish you all a great weekend!

Your sincerely,

The left handed writer

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