~The smells of a season~

Today I thought I should switch some things around. No dutch series post, no how-to post no I wanted to think of something more out of the ordinary. As I walked out to pick up a package at the post office an idea started to create in my head. Smells. Let's get nosy :P.

Everybody has their own way of using their senses to go back to a moment in time. A smell, a view, a sound, a feeling, warm/cold etc. For me smells have a big impact on when something memorable happens.

Each season has it own charms


Let's start with the obivious: Snow. Making snowmen, throwing snowballs and skiing are louds of fun. Too bad you don't have that every winter in The Netherlands. The cold weather creates ice, which makes ice-skating possible and this is something Dutch people like very much. No wonder why we always get gold medals at the Olympics ;).

That moment when you are walking down the street and smelling the smell of a bonfire and seeing the smoke coming out of the chimneys sooo good. The smell of hot chocolate and jägertee. People getting together and playing board games or watching movies together. Those are the things that remind me of winter.

What do you like about winter? Are there some smells or memorable things that always remind you of the winter times? Let me know :-).


Spring is the time of rebirth. The empty branches on the trees start to have a little bit of green on the little twigs. Animals wake up from the winter sleep and start to look for food.

It is still very much cold outside but not as harsh as the winter. It is softer and a nice time to walk with the dog. Also, spring is a season where it rains a lot. At least in The Netherlands. The grass on the soccer pitch is wet and every pass you give slides over the field like a knife cutting through butter it is so smooth.

Compared to the winter when it can be pretty dark and the days are shorter. You receive less vitamin D and you might feel less motivated to do things. The spring on the other hand is a time when things are starting to shift. There is more light, flowers start to bloom, you feel more energetic because you receive those little bits of vitamin D by being outside, which makes you more outgoing and positive.

A nice opportunity to stop walking on the treadmill in your local gym and take your workout outside. Go for a run, do some yoga whatever you feel like doing.


That moment you can finally put your jeans and sweaters back in the closet and you can start wearing t-shirts. Honestly I love the summer. Not only because woman are lowering their guards (layers of clothing) but also because the summer is a time that you often have holidays and do fun stuff.

Summer holiday for most people that are still in high-school or college is like 7-8 weeks, But even if you are not in high school anymore you most of the time have at least 3 weeks so you can go out, meet people and explore cities. It's great!

When I think of the summer I think of: cycling through the forests and smelling the aromas of all the flowers that are blooming. I think of freshly cut green grass, blue skies, longer days. Still being able to do stuff until 10 p.m. because you can actually see shit.

You know hard it is to play soccer on a field that is pitch black?! Yeah, you can imagine that people start to get hurt in the process xD.


Autumn is my favorite season. After tanning all summer and doing stuff, you want to take it down a notch and just relax for a bit. I mean I love wearing t-shirts but sweater weather is also really nice. It is cosy, warm and gives you that satisfied feeling.

I could go for a straw and walk through parks, forests or even cities for hours. Just me nature and a great playlist that is all I need. I feel like Autumn is also a season when I reflect on what I have done and what my next goals are it brings me this focus and clarity that I don't have that much in other seasons.

Autumn is also a great season to just have coffee with a friend and having long, deep (haha not that kind a deep weirdo's) conversations. I mean of course you can basically do this in every season, but I feel that the setting of the weather and the canvas outside makes it more special in Autumn.

The best thing about Autumn : The leaves. They turn into this beautiful orange/red kind of color it is just mesmerizing.

When I start living on my own I want a painting of a leaf in Autumn. Actually that is not a bad idea. I would just take one thing of every season the reminds me of the good times in those seasons and display it in a form of art in my apartment, wouldn't that be a cool idea? Let me know your opinion.

Alright guys that's a wrap. This was my piece ''The smells of a season'' I hope you liked it. If you did and made it this far then you could maybe answer this question.

It was pretty clear that I liked Autumn, right? Now I wonder. What is your favourite season? And why? Let me know in the comments below :).

I wish you all a fabulous weekend, enjoy the weather, do something fun. The daily week of working has come to an end and it is time for you to enjoy your weekend now, you've earned it. For those diehards that still have to work. Best of luck to you too.

Yours sincerely,

The left handed writer

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