The evolution of cell phones through the eyes of a 90's kid

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

When I was born on the 11th of April 1997 cell phones were in full progress of evolution. Of course, I wasn’t aware of any of this because I was a baby, but I thought it would be fun to show a timeline from my birth till now. People a lot has happened so hold on to your chairs cause here it comes.


In 1997 a new Nokia model came out: the Nokia 6110. This was THE new thing and it had some cool features like:

- Three games: Memory, Snake, Logic

- Calculator, clock, and calendar

- Currency converter

- Works as a pager

- Profile settings

-4 colors

I think everybody that is from the 80’s and 90’s can agree that Snake is a legendary game. I mean nowadays we have so many realistic games with amazing graphics and everything you look for in a game, but Snake was simple, fun and stayed challenging every time you played it. There were no bugs, no updates, no crashes just a plain, simple, perfect functioning game.

Shortly after the Nokia 6110 came the Motorola StarTAC worlds very first clamshell phone. The name was inspired by the communicator from the movie Star Trek.

Motorola, Nokia we don’t see those brands very often in the market anymore? That is true people. Just like life, it is survival of the fittest. Motorola and Nokia were two key brands that were the foundation of the evolution of cell phones, but as the years went by and iPhone and Samsung came on the market it was hard for Nokia and Motorola to stay refreshing and still hold on to their authentic characteristics.


Only a year later Nokia came with the Nokia 5110. This phone had a very slim design (for that time) and had an excellent battery. It could last for 60-270 hours!? That is approximately 10 days. That is nuts. Name on phone right now that can do that. Let me help you, the answer is NONE.


was a big year because this was the year of the uprise of Blackberry. RIM released the blackberry 850. This phone had a little keyboard and texting got a lot faster. Pressing trice to get one letter? That became history that day.


Phones got more affordable for everyone. Nokia was on the roll and didn’t want to stay behind with the blackberry on the market. That’s why they came with the Nokia 3310. This phone was said to be the best phone ever created for its long battery, the strength of the material (cause it was basically indestructible).


This could not be avoided. Drum roll…….. TUM TA TUM the breakthrough of Samsung. Samsung brought out SGH-T100. What was so special about this model? It was the first phone with an active matrix LCD display. With this revolutionary design, Samsung started to make some serious influence on the stock market of cell phones.


Blackberry felt the warm breath of the other major cell phone companies in their neck and felt they had to come with something new. That’s why they introduced the Blackberry 5810. This was actually quite a strange phone since you could not make a phone call without headphones. You had to plug them in and then call somebody. This Blackberry did have email what was also quite new on a cell phone.


We all know it that it is possible to write a pop song that goes viral or a bestselling book but in 2004 Motorola did something different they entered the market with the best selling clamshell phone in history. The Motorola Razr v3. If you didn’t have this phone you were not following the trend. They sold little over 130 million phones. Right now those numbers might not be so impressive since basically everybody has a mobile phone nowadays, but it sure left a big impression in the history of cell phones.


The Blackberry 7270 This was the first Blackberry with Wi-Fi on it and people were hooked. Now we can’t think of a time without Wi-Fi but back then it was still really slow and they were developing it non stop. Nonetheless, Wi-Fi on phones was a thing now and so started the addiction. This was what started this Crack-Berry trend. Suddenly everybody in the world could talk freely with each other and however, this was really nice a lot of people were so into it that they completely forgot about all the other things in life. Like someone who is addicted to cocaine. They can’t stop doing it and this is also what happened with the Blackberry. It really had a lot of influence on peoples lives.


The rise of a new Nokia model the N95. It had Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a 5-megapixel camera!? Even now that is still good. What have those guys been doing at development if they already had a 5-megapixel camera in 2006?


The ground-breaking entry of the iPhone 3G. The invention of apps. The apple store.

In 2004 the android system was created and in a world where there was Microsoft and Apple it was hard to compete, but Andy Rubin did it. Cause now 85% of all the phones in the world run on the Android system.

When I turned 12 I received my first mobile phone. It was a Nokia and I loved it. Besides the Gameboy, I hadn’t really experienced other objects of technology. Did you know that you could transfer music by Bluetooth!? I mean it took ages but how awesome is that? You can’t do that anymore and it felt special because you could share your favorite song with somebody else.

Nokia is truly awesome. I dropped my thing a million times, forgot it in the snow where it stayed for a whole day in the freezing cold, the battery was amazing! I only had to charge it maybe once in 3 days. Nokia sure has the reputation of being indestructible because whatever conditions I exposed my phone to it didn’t give in once.

I couldn't say the same about my iPhone 4s who I treated the same, but changed me completely after the first time I broke the screen xD, cause it cost me a fortune. This is when I first got in touch with cases. I mean they do mess up the clean and slim design of the iPhone but hey it saves you a couple of bucks down the road so its worth it.

Now we got the iPhone X with face recognition. Yes, face recognition it unlocks your phone with your face. WHAT THE HECK. It has a 12-megapixel camera with different settings like the portrait mode where you can make beautiful pictures of peoples faces. It is cool and all but it is still just a phone. I personally don’t care too much about the billion options the phones have now. Like if I could have my old Nokia back with WhatsApp I would be just fine.

It is funny to see the evolution of phones. At the start because it was new and convenient it was expensive, then they made it so everyone could use it and now they are making it more exclusive and expensive again. So I guess the circle is round again people.

I found it a fun experience going down memory lane and to see where we at now. Now I am curious how this was for you. What was your first phone? What was your go-to song back then? And most importantly who in your friend circle had the high score at Snake :P?

That’s a wrap guys. If you made it all the way to the end then your awesome! If you liked this article make sure to share it with your friends, like my page on Facebook and subscribe if you want to be notified whenever I share a new article which is every Friday at 3 p.m. 😉

I wish you all a great weekend!

Yours sincerely,

The left handed writer.

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