What would you do if you could re-do your high-school time

YEAH! I am back home. Yes guys, after working for 4 months in Austria I am back in good old Holland. The first day back I even got to see a little bit of rain, felt like my country welcomed me back <3

Because I am unemployed now I have a lot of spare time. I wanted to be more proactive, workout more and spend my time wisely.

So, Yesterday I decided to go to my old High School. Over the years I stayed in touch with my french teacher and suggested if she would like it if I would visit and say hi. She agreed and before I knew it I was driving that same road I had driven 5 years ago.

This is no ordinary road people. For some reason doesn't matter which way your headed you always get the wind against you. It is like the Bermuda triangle of Rotterdam, really odd.

Eventually I arrived at the school where I then encountered the schoolyard guard.

Schoolyard guard: '' Are you a student here?''

Me: ''No, Not anymore. I am an old student of this school.''

Schoolyard guard: ''What is your business here?''

Me: ''Sir no offense, but are you a police officer?

Schoolyard guard: ''No...''

Me: Is this an interrogation room?

Schoolyard guard: ''No.''

Me: ''Then I would like to move on with what I was doing. Unless I am doing something wrong here?''

Schoolyard guard: ''Well, you parked your bike in the section for electric bicycles.''

Me: ''Ok? So, do you want me to move it ?''

Schoolyard guard: ''No no that is fine. You can leave it there.''


It was really nice to see my old teachers again. They we're all happy that I found something I liked and supported me in to do something that I love. All found my adventures to foreign countries exciting and it remembered them of the times they were younger.

A lot can happen in 5 years guys. You become a completely different person. Back then I was shy, even smaller then I am now (I know right, shocker) and I only had one friend.

I am not telling you that you necessarily need more then one friend cause good friends are hard to find, but I was so shy that I had trouble of opening up to other kids, even to my class mates.

Back then I didn't really have a strong stamina so I would feel sad whenever the big guys bullied me. I felt powerless because I didn't know what I ever did to them.

Walking through the hallways brought back memories and made me think : What if I could do it all over again. What would I change ? Or would I change anything at all?

I gave that some thought and I would've done a couple things differently.

For starters

1. Talk to more people

In general to be more open to conversations. Situation : if you don't know the answer to something and you know that somebody in your class is good at the subject don't be afraid to ask them to explain it to you.

I often ignored doing this and wasted my time trying to figure it out myself. I was to scared to ask other kids and thought that they would think I was dumb.

2. Be more forward to girls.

Ok, maybe that's hard for most of the 12 year old kids out there, but I still felt like I could have tried more then I did. There were truly some beautiful and kind girls on my school who I never got to know or even said hi to.

If only I had the bluntness I have now. Then I would just walk up to them and start a conversation. Like, when I'm in the train station and I don't know where I have to go I just ask people for directions or when I see someone with an awesome fashion style I often say that they look good. I opened up and become more spontaneous, but it would have been nice to have that skill developed in my high school days.

3. Shown more interest in the classes at school and maybe join some extra curricular.

In my own defense the only reason I often got bored during the lessons was because the teachers didn't really talk with enthusiasm. I mean dude if you are not even excited about then how am I suppose to be motivated to learn anything from you. back then that seemed logical, but now I know that it is easy to shove the blame on somebody else. I could've shown more self initiative.

I mean you have the book with the knowledge right in front of you. The teacher is just the translator who tries to put the information in a way that everybody understands it. It is not rocket science so if I had put a little more effort into it I am sure I would've figured it out.

But guys, this is all IF. It has already happened and it has made me the way I am today and I think that counts for something too :).

Have you ever looked back on your high school days and thought : If I could go back in time to that moment then I would do it differently?? I'd like to hear your story. For all the people who think: ''What are you talking about, high school was awesome!'' Then I'd like to hear why your high school time was so awesome! There must be some great stories there.

I hope you all have a good day and wish you an amazing weekend.

Yours sincerely,

The left handed writer.

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