What would YOU do if you had no fear?

Living a life with no fear. That must be interesting. This also creates a completely different perspective, cause what if.......

No fear, No limitations, No excuses for things you would not do otherwise. There would be so many things you could try out that you haven't done before.

I gave this a thought myself and these are some things I came up with.

Things I would try out if I had no fear

1. Standing on the edge of a Volcano,

Cause why the heck not.

2. jumping of the world trade center building with a parachute.

Probably illegal, but I am not scared of any authorities telling me otherwise xD.

3. Swimming with sharks.

I think that this would be an amazing experience, but I am afraid that I am going to be their lunch if I had any fear.

4. Climb the mount Everest.

Frankly because I hate extreme cold. So being in a situation where I rely on my survival skills in a area where my body doesn't function 100% no thank you. But if I had no fear, then why not.

5. Publish a book.

How is this scary? Well I am probably going to do it anyway, but for now I realize that I keep making up excuses to not continue writing. Cause I do feel some kind of fear for rejection. I know that this is not necessary and that failure is part of the process of writing, but it does make me anxious to finish my book and become a real author.

Little secret about myself. My biggest fear is :

Being handicapped. Not being able doing things (physically).I love to sport and move my body . Even though I am a very adventurous person, I am frightened that there is going to be a day that I push myself to much to do something I really want and injure myself.

Don't forget. There is a reason why people have fears. Of course this is different for every person, but in general the body uses fear as an alarm system. If your mind thinks that you are at risk then you feel fear (based on previous experiences in your life that has put your body in the fight/flight modus ).

Cause that is what fear really is. It is not a emotion. It is a reaction of the body, a process. After you body has this reaction, you have this scared feeling, which most people refer to as fear, but it is not fear.

If you had no fear at all, then you would have no internal alarm, which could be dangerous cause you are not really recognizing the risks that may come from your actions. Your body doesn't have it's fight or flight response, which is normally created by fear.

So as exciting as a life without fear might be. I feel human having fears and I would not want to change that.

To finish of this article I have some questions for you.

I gave some suggestions on things I would do if I had no fear. Could you name 3 things YOU would do if you had no fear? I am curious to see what you come up with. I made some very bold and more adventurous suggestions, but maybe you have something completely different. Surprise me.

What is your biggest fear? Don't worry I won't judge you. Everybody has their own fears and had their experiences in life. There is no shame in that.

Lastly I am curious : How do you overcome your fears? What kind of ritual do you go through. I often count to 3 and then I just do it. I don't know 50% commitment. If I have a goal I go for it 100%.

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I wish you all a lovely weekend

Yours sincerely,

The left handed writer

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