My 2,5 days city trip to Vienna

Hey guys what's up. Hope you are all having a great week. I wanted switch things around for this one and do a little story telling.

Wednesday I came back early to Obertauern from a 2,5 day city trip to Vienna. I would've gone to a concert of The Script with my best friend, but unfortunately both are schedules got messed up so we ended up cancelling. So one moment I had plans and suddenlyt my schedule was completely open!

I realized I had to do something active, get out and explore. I did some research and figured it would be pretty cool to go to the main capital of Austria ^^. I booked my hotel, which was directly next to the trainstation, super convenient! Especially for me, since I tend to get lost every now and then..... which often turnes into a pretty cool adventures, but you want to avoid things if you can, right?

After 5,5 hours of traveling; waiting at the stations for my next connection and looking outside the window at the beautifull mountains and rough landscape of Austria I arrived in Vienna.

I checked in, got a refreshing shower and suited up. I went to the local Vapianno to get a quick bite. I got myself the usual : a funghi pizza. Took some bruschetta as a starter and ordered a coke. Before I could get one bite out of my pizza the stranger next to me asked even a more strange question: "hey can I have some of that rucola?

A little surprised by what just happened I analysed my plate and realized that as always the chef put way to much rucola on there so I thought : ''sure, why not'' the guy was super thrilled and said : Thank you so much ! ''Your welcome''.

Kindness is free guys sprinkle that shit everywhere.

That was about the first day. After dinner I read the last pages of the newest book of Dan Brown : Origen, good read. Will be writing a review about it pretty soon, so look out for that ;). In the review I will tell something about what I picked up when reading it, a little bit about the structure and overall rating.

The second day

Of course time was precious, as I only had 2 full days in Vienna to explore almost everything. At least that's what I had in mind. So I woke up at 7, got into the shower and hurried to breakfast.

Never rush breakfast guys. To me it is the most important meal of the day. Fundamental on how you get your day started. It is a brief moment of peace and being calm before you rush back into your busy life during the day.

First up was the Belvedere palace. The palace was divided in two parts. One part of the palace was higher up the hill and the other part was down the hill connected by a beautiful garden. There was a path with statues, flowers and bushes. The palace belvedere is one of the baroque palaces, which basically means a lot of gold and marble.

What I thought was really cool is that they displayed the evolution of art through the 1900's you could see that it all started with landscapes, then self-portraits and finally more abstract/modern pieces like we know them today.

once I finished the two palaces there was suppose to be a nice botanical garden around too. There was a sign ''Botanical garden 100 meter'' I followed it and I walked for about 2 min and came to the conclusion : Wait.... I am already in the garden.... Everything was just dead because of the frost. Funny how you expect something to look but miss the bigger picture. Maybe I should come back in the summer :).

This is the part where I should've walked back to the main entrance of the Belvedere. What I did instead is I kept on walking to the end of the botanical garden, ending up in a completely different street.

Disoriented of course and no clue where I was I just started walking. I kept on walking and walking, about 3 km further I looked around and I was back at the main entrance of the Belvedere. Guess I do have a feeling for finding my way back, it is just not that evolved yet.

Of course after being lost for about 45 min I got my map out of my backpack xD (smart choice dude). Looking for the next sight to visit. Thought it would be a good idea to reset and get some lunch.

I went to the main train station in Vienna. I Got some Starbucks and asked them if they could recommend me anything to visit.

What started as a silly question turned in to a brainstorming session with the entire Starbucks team. Result: a piece of paper with good restaurants, sights to see and next to them the trains, underground connections I had to take. How awesome is that?!

Excited and fueled I had chosen my next stop : In german Schloss Schönbrunn and in Englisch Palace Schönbrunn. This particular palace is one of the most visited sights in Vienna and probably the most important cultural heritage of Austria.

Because it is Easter there was a cute little market with a great diversity in shops. On the right you mostly had food shops and on the left souvenir shops,each with their own specialty.

and there was one special shopped I really liked. This one :

The writers booth! How awesome right?! Old-school notebooks, quivers, old paper. Writers heaven <3.

after eating a lovely crêpe with chocolate and caramel. I went inside the palice. Which was huge by the way.

Once you get in they always offer you a headphone, for a guided tour. You see people, that's why they give a indication of approximately 4 hours for the palace and that's why I friendly declined and just walked through the 40 different rooms observing instead of listening. Guess what? I did it in 30 min. I don't have time for bedtime stories about how lovely they lived and how much money they had. I could tell by the objects that I saw :P.

After sightseeing I went back to my hotel. I changed some clothes and went back into the city to check out the restaurants the guys of starbucks recommended. The mexican place was amazing. I had some taco's with spicy guacamole. Simply delicious.

I left the restaurant behind and went into the night-life of Vienna. The lights and shadows in the city created a nice atmosphere. Unfortunately I had nobody to drink with and I wasn't really feeling to drink with some strangers. I wanted to get back in time to my hotel so I could do some research of what to visit for the next day.

Day 2

I had a appointment at No made hats at 10:30 am. A awesome company that makes custom-made hats. When I was there I met the founders Nuriel and his partner Audrey. I was curious. So I asked Nuriel the background story of the company.

He told me that their main company was in restaurants, but that because their hat business was doing so well that they now worked full time on that. It started with Nuriel wanting a nice custum-made hat, but everywhere he looked he had to pay rediculous prices. So he thought: I can do this myself. He watched some tutorials on Youtube and got started making the hats himself with Audrey.

Nuriel did a lot of research in finding good quality hats to work with and how he could make them affordable.

The word spread like a fire and the rest is history. What a great story! Defenitely check out their instagram :

Picture made by : @nurielmolcho

This is what my hat is going to look like. With a ribbon slightly burned, but mine is in blue. Nuriel also came with the great idea to put my initials in the hat. I am psyched what the result is going to look like ^^.

Nuriel's shop is very close to all the musea so I walked to my next stop : the national historical Austrian library. Enormous bookshelves with old books in it. How cool!

This was all good and well until I arrived in the National library of vienna. I imagined it would be like the historical library. Big bookshelves with loads and loads of books. Unfortunately this was not the case. It might look great from the outside.

But from the inside it looked like a hospital. Cold and blank colours. Oh and if you wanted to read a book you had to wait 2 hours. Because they had to go down in the basement where the over 8 million books were stored. Ok max, calm down.

You can easily kill 2 hours. You are surrounded by musems. Alright, so I killed the 2 hours and got back to the reception. I gave my driving license and as I did I could already see a sign of confusion rising on the face of the old men. So confused even that he requested back up. A other men came from the back and studied the driving license. Still there was a vibe of uncertainty in the air. after what felt like hours a 3rd person, a woman, came from the back and filled in my last name, who then found my registration. I know it is a double last name, but it is not rocket science xD.

She came back with the form I filled in for the request of the book. All the way at the end in said "status book". My eyes filled themselves with unbelief when I saw what it said.

STATUS BOOk: Book was not on the shelf.

Ok? So what is going to happen now. "well the book is not on the shelf sir" Yeah I got that, but like, I am I still going to receive my book? Because I saw when the receptionist searched for the book that there were 119 other copies...... "Sir the search is only for this specific book." Well I don't want to be blund, but I have waited 2,5 hours to read this book.

Sir, this is unacceptable. Who is responsible for getting the books? ( A little lady came from the back) "I am" Madam would you please get me on of the other 119 copies, cause I'd really like to read my book. "Sir you would have to put in another search request, which will take up to 2 hours." MMMh that's funny, I have to wait another 2 hours then?"Yes" You know that's fine, it's defenitely not a organizing mistake from your part, right? But you know, no hard feelings. "I'll wait"

Of course filled with anger and frustration I tried to calm myself. Nope, didn't help. Got back at the reception and said the following. Ok, I tried nice that didn't work. You know what is going to happen. Somebody of you is going to get down to the basement and get me that book. I am going to wait here for a maximum of 10 minutes and then you will be back. "But sir" No, I am fed up with how things are going and I would like a apology. After 15 min. the woman came back with my book. "I am so sorry for the wait sir" Thank you for getting the back, just unfortunate it had to go like this.

Ok guys, enough said because I finally had the book! This was no ordinairy book. This was Alice in Wonderland the 1932 edition!

You probably won't believe it but this edition had a intro written by Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. Yes Roosevelt. She was the longest first woman of the white house in history. From 1933 until 1945.

The illustrations made by John Tenniel made the book so much more alive. Also compared to the new edition. There were a lot of little poems in the book, that were written in a way as if the characters of the book themselves said them. Super awesome! Here is one of them ^^

Well eventually looking back it I can say: "It was worth the wait."

I read for a couple hours, got a bite at a local restaurant and started to pack for tomorrow cause I had my train at 7 a.m. in the morning.

Overall it was a great trip. Saw a bit of Vienna, read a good book, had some nice chats with some locals. A succesfull city trip. I defenitely recommend to visit Vienna it is a city with a lot of history and nice places to visit.

This was my story time post. I hope you liked it.

I wish you all a fantastic weekend.

Yours sincerely,

The left handed writer

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