5 classic things dutch people do you didn't know about

Today we dive into some classic things Dutch people do. They do it so naturally that we almost forget that those things are kind of traditional to our country. Alright here we go!

1. Greeting

When dutch people are on a birthday, meeting a friend (girl/woman) we give them 3 kisses. It is a sign of welcoming and friendship. It is actually weird that we do it 3 times since everywhere else in the world it usual to give 2 kisses.

Even before racism became a big issue, the man in The Netherlands would never give eachother 3 kisses. They always just shook each other's hand. In the current age of time we say it's gay when we would kiss another man, but if you look to the different countries where they are used to kiss twice. For example in India: A man and a man greet eachother with 2 kisses even though gay-marriage is still forbidden there. It is normal. It has always been this way and it's not weird.

Strange people those Dutchies, but I guess we have a handful of doing everything differently. This 2 or 3 kisses tradition came to live in the 70's in Brabant and Limburg and it started somewhere in France in the early 1900's.

We copied it through watching television, traveling and meeting with different countries. Nowadays people from different country's are still surprised when we give the 3rd kiss. According to Dolph Kohnstammen teacher on development psychology the 3rd kiss is pretty meaningless and not necessary . Before the 70's we gave 2 kisses so why did we change?

2. Birtday party's

To stay on the topic of birthday party's, we have a quite special way of entering a birthday party. When we enter the home of the birthday boy/girl we go to everyone at the party shake their hands and say congrats with Patrick! Regardless of we know the person or not. We say it to everyone. Usually everybody sits down on a chair and chats to one another. There a cubes of cheese, sausages and different pie's.

Most of the time there is some background music, but not to loud of course, cause otherwise you can't have a conversation with somebody. Yes a conversation. We gather around in a circle and we catch up with spouses, nieces and grandpa and grandma.

The Netherlands is also probably the only Country where the birthday is about the one having it's birthday but at the same time this person is obligated to throw a party for everybody else, while being occupied the whole time and having no rest. Where in other countries it's really about the person that has his/hers birthday and other people organizing a party for them.

I noticed that when I visited different countries that we Dutch people value birthdays much more then other countries do. We really organize a day and invite as much people as possible, it's a big happening. Where there in other countries nothing is organized and they keep it small. Maybe go to dinner with some friends, but no big party(all the exceptions apart of course).

3. impatient

You notice it immediately when you go on holiday and you get back to The Netherlands. Compared to different countries Dutch people are so impatient. It is like we are almost in a hurry!? Example 1: You are in the supermarket with a full bag of groceries and there is a Dutch person behind you with for instance: A pack of milk and some cookies, he/she will ask you: can I go in front of you ? I only have two items.

Example number 2: I am a receptionist at a hotel and we get international guests everyday. The check in procedure takes up to 5 minutes max (it is not that long). 90% of the guests checking in remain calm and just wait. When there is a Dutch guest you immediately feel the tension rising. Why? Cause after 2 minutes they start to sigh, hands on their hips, sighing even more, looking at you with a irritated face. If this happens to you, don't take it personal. Just think: I am already doing this as fast as I can and remain calm.

Besides this Dutch people are sweethearts guys, don't worry ;).

4. The weather

The most spoken topic in The Netherlands is probably the weather. In general it is always shit. Always rainy, not warm enough, to foggy etc. We always have an excuse regarding the weather. It wouldn't surprise me that taking a rain check on a appointment is a Dutch invention. ''Ahw to bad we haven't had a nice white christmas in a while'' falls 10 cm of snow, complete chaos. 50% of the train rides are cut, traffic jams everywhere. '''god I hate snow it's so terrible only causes problems''.

Should I go on? I think you get the point hahaha.

5. An opinion about everything

Yes, a opinion about everything. Having thoughts about something is fine, but that's not the case here. When we think something we automatically say it, there is no filter, no shame, no feeling of responsibility, we just spit it out. Don't get me wrong it's something I do myself as well. It can be super funny, but also create really awkward situations. Truly it is more a curse then a blessing.

But don't be afraid. There is always a solution. There is? What should I do? Well, whenever you find yourself stuck in these situations I want you to do the following: Change the subject. Just smile cute and act like the previous comment had never happened. Agreed, this is not without any risks but it works most of the time.

Alright guys, that's a wrap! These where my 5 classic things Dutch people do you didn't know about.

If you are a dutch, do you recognize yourself in this? Or any Dutch friends you know? If

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