7 most annoying things in traffic (in The Netherlands)

I think this is a subject everybody (who's older then 18 and in the possession of a driver license) can relate to. I think, no I know that everybody will recognize these situations immediately when I describe them. There's just a lot of material to work with here. Cause there are just so many people on the road where I am unsure off how they ever got there driving license. It's truly mind-boggling to me what choices they make or the reaction speed of some people.

1. Driving under the speed limit

Let me create a good visualization of what I mean by this. To be more precise let me show you a picture

You always meet these kind of people when you are in a hurry or have to be somewhere in time. It's fascinating actually. They make you believe that a day consists out of 48 hours. BECAUSE IT TAKES THEM TWO TIMES THE TIME NORMAL PEOPLE WOULD NEED.

Probably the most ironic thing is that we expect them to be an old person. Cause they have a lot of spare time, aren't necessarily in a hurry and are just older so their reflexes are slower.

These would be perfectly reasonable explanations for them to act the way they do, what blows my mind though is that 90% of the time when I finally get the opportunity to go past them I see till my surprise that in the driver seat I find a 45 year old woman, who's chewing her gum, definitely in the menopause, most likely to have a burn out as well ( cause how else would you explain this type of behavior so energy-less, no power ( literally) ) just casually driving under the speed limit like she does every day. To finalize these horrifying creatures they dare to give you this gazing look when you drive past them, like : ''hey... why did you do that?.'' So, glad I got that out of my system.

For you

Do you recognize these kind of people ? Are you annoyed by them as well? show in the comments below on a scale from 1 to 10 how much this specific category annoys you.

2. Driving slow on the left lane

Besides that The Netherlands is overpopulated, which causes a lot of traffic jams doesn't mean you can't help to resolve the traffic jam as quickly as people. These kind of people interfere with that. The left lane is suppose to be for the quicker cars or for the people who just wanna drive faster.

This is basically what happens. People don't understand the concept of the left lane and treat it like it's just an ordinary lane. If you are this kind of person. NOBODY LIKES YOU, STOP PLSSSSSS. It encourages drivers to do illegal things like passing someone from the right side.

The funny thing is. They do let fast and expensive cars like porsches, ferrari's, mercedes, BMW pass, but not my SEAT Mii. It is so discriminating. I know the speed limit on my car is only 150 km, but a man can dream, right?

Theory lesson with The left handed writer :

Left lane : for people who want to drive faster then the speed limit ( mostly fast cars)

Middle lane: for people who want to drive the speed limit ( nothing wrong with that)

Right lane: for people who are not in a hurry, caravans, cars with a trailer and those stupid cars they made who are unable to drive faster then 60 ( yeah I know they allow them at the highway, it's unbelievable and in my opinion dangerous)

I hope you can now understand it and see it from our perspective. We just want to drive fast, just stay in your middle lane, it is not that hard. Thank you on behalf of 80 % of the people in the world :).

For you

Do you get annoyed by these kind of people ? Well I know I do, but I am curious about your opinion. If you think this category is the most annoying to you comment 2 in the comment section below.

3. DHL Drivers

DHL drivers? How are they annoying. Well they are annoyingly dangerous. In the 2 years I have my driving license and even during my driving lessons, every time I saw a DHL driver they made reckless decisions. I mean don't get me wrong they have the right attitude. They definitely want to deliver their packages as fast as possible, but at what cost, seriously.

The manouvres that they make, it is bound to go wrong. Last minute moving to different lanes, accelerating to enormous speed just to catch a traffic light, not even considering the fact that they are driving a bus.

Busses are just a lot heavier then the average cars. Adding that they also have cargo with them. If they make one little mistake they thrash someone's car easily with the speed the are driving and they will create dangerous accidents. It's just a matter of time before it goes wrong.

For you

Do you agree? Have you also noticed that DHL drivers are more reckless then the average courier? If you do. Then comment the number 3 in the comment section below.

4. Not going on a roundabout, cutting off on the roundabout or waiting for cycling people when they are 500 meters away.

I am still surprised how often this happens. In The Netherlands we have a lot of roundabouts so this might not happen as often to you in your country, but I will explain the situations.

Especially when your in the smaller villages or getting near to a city we have a lot of roundabouts. The people I am talking about have little knowledge of the acceleration of their cars, besides the fact they have bad timing.

Situation : One car passes, I can see that there is no car coming behind him so he/she has at least 2 seconds to respond and get on the roundabout. What does he/she do? She responds on the 3 second immediately hitting the brakes after. Not getting on the roundabout and seeing the opportunity get wasted. It wouldn't surprise me if those people don't play an instrument. If you would, you'd have a feeling for rhythm more likely to choose the right moment to get on a roundabout. Just a theory ...... :P.

This situation is easier to explain by showing you a picture.

Ok so I am the red line in the picture. I take the inner circle of the roundabout so I will be faster then the person driving in the outer line. What this particular person does he/she gives a impossible amount of gas ( of course driving in a faster car then me) cutting me of at the last moment. Showing he/she has no patience whatsoever. I have to brake and he/she creates a dangerous situation.

The Dutch people are known for the people that cycle a lot. No surprise there, cause when you visit the cities as a tourist then they are all over the place. stalled next to the canals or at the central stations.

You can also spot a lot of them around 8:20 a.m. in the morning. That is a really specific time you mention there? Why that time? Well, it is just before the school starts. So almost every kid is arriving at school at the same time causing a lot of traffic at the local roundabouts. This is fine I'll get to the conclusion now.

Situation : yes it is 8:20 a.m. in the morning, so you know there are a lot of children with their bikes. Why on earth, if you know these circumstances would you stop at the entry of the roundabout to wait for the cycling children who are 500 meters away from you!? I don't know it either. I am still trying to figure out what is going through their minds, they are hard to read. This joke can take to almost 10 minutes!!? Cause once that window of opportunity is closed every bloody kid in the area is going to cross that specific roundabout and there is no way in hell your getting passed it then, until they are all at school.

This is also why I love my current situation. I have a room in the hotel I work in. I just walk down to the front desk in the morning and start working. No traffic, no kids, cause they went skiing already or are at breakfast. The only thing that might be slightly annoyed with is getting into an overfull elevator, but you can always take the stairs so no problem at all. It is fantastic.

For you

Do you remember these roundabout situations and do you agree with them being annoying ? Then comment number 4 in the comment section below.

If you live in Canada, New Brunswick, St. Andrews on the other hand and the only real roundabouts are an hour away in St. john, then screw you xD.

5. Delivery guys (deliveroo, pizza delivering guys etc)

The habitat of these creatures is city's. It is there own beacon where they show their dominance through having lack of every written rule there is. Running red lights, Crossing streets when it's red, acting like they have a motorcycle and going on the actual road.

Not only do you have to be extra careful in the city's, you can't take the normal situations for granted anymore. You have to expect that they will run the red light and that you will have to hit the brakes cause if you don't and you just accelerate like you would normally do you might crash into one.

My point: very dangerous and annoying.

For you

If you agree with these delivery people being annoying and dangerous, then comment number 5 in the comment section below.

6. Cell phones

A brilliant invention, yet extremely dangerous. We've grown so fond of this invention that it takes up all of our attention. The constant need of being up to date, answering every second, refreshing Instagram feeds, checking Facebook or e-mail. Regardless if you are waiting for the traffic lights or there is a big traffic in front of you. It only takes one mistake to get into an accident.

So always keep your focus on the road. You don't even need to actually look at it. With the modern phones of today you can just tell them what to do. I do this as well I just say : ''Call mum'' without stopping to look at the road. I can talk freely with my mum over the speakers (hands-free) without losing focus of the road.

You can listen to the radio or put on your own playlist of course but checking your Instagram while the traffic light is green and me having to hawk for you to realize that, is just wrong.

But what if I have an old car and am not able to call hands-free? It is not worth it. Just have a little bit of patience and call once you're on solid ground. The person you wanted to call will appreciate it to actually speak to you. You can't do that if you're not there anymore.

I think there should be a fine on using your phone while driving and then I talk specifically about sending whatsapp messages manually, checking feed Facebook/Instagram.

For you

Do you agree that cell phones are dangerous while driving and that there should be a fine on using them while driving your car? If so comment number 6 in the comment section below.

7. Not knowing or denying the rules of who goes first on a intersection.

To finish it off the bastards that knowingly deny the basic rules of traffic. You enter a intersection and this guy/woman just takes right of way and goes first even though I came from the right side. Not only do I have to brake because you don't expect someone to do that. But let's just say I didn't brake she would ran in to me. My car would be trashed, not even mentioning the possible injuries I would have. Why do people do that? Just wait. If you don't know the rules then read a book for god sake. Still doesn't explain how these people got there driving license in the first place.....

Alright that's a wrap!

Besides my personal frustration, I hope you liked my 7 most annoying things in traffic and found it funny or interesting. I had a lot of fun writing it. It is nice to write about something that is timely, current and what you can relay to yourself. Comment below which of the seven you find the most annoying by commenting (1,2,3,4,5,6, or 7) I am curious what the result will be ^^

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Yours sincerely,

The left handed writer.

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