Case study : From midlife crises to midlife opportunity

Before I start about my case study I would like to share some exciting news with you. The left handed writer has since yesterday his very own LOGO!

I was trying to think of something that really defines my blog, so when you would think of my blog that this is the first symbol you were thinking about.

I knew a great designer. Funny story actually she used to be my babysitter when I was younger. Now she has her own design studio and creates logo's, postcards, posters or any other thing regarding design. I contacted her and we got brainstorming. Within a week we got the look I wanted!

Again, this shows me that it is always good to stay in touch with people and maintain your network, so when you need something your not familiar with you can use the resources of your network.

Everybody has their own skills don't try to put a lot of energy on something that you are not experienced at. Just ask a friend to help you out. This doesn't only save you time, but by doing this you also create a flow of mutual interest. People now know you value their professional opinion/skill and whenever they need something which is your profession they will most likely remember you and contact you.

I will no longer keep you in suspense.This is the brand new logo of The left handed writer : First, you see the social media icon and beneath it the one I will put on the website.

Case study :From midlife crisis to midlife opportunity

This story is about how I turned my life around by realizing a couple things.

A lot of guys/girls my age are still unsure what they want to do with there life. Not knowing where they will end up. What do I want to study? What kind of work do I like? Believe me, I've been there and that insecure feeling is horrible. Stay with me and I will tell you a couple small changes you can make to change that.

My story

In The Netherlands, you go to high school when you are 12 years old. You then have to get through 4,5,6 years of high school depending on the level you got assigned to by your elementary school.

I had to do 4 years. When I was done I was 16 years old and I had to choose I study that I liked. Of course, you have those kids who already know what they want to do since they are 7: I want to do something with sports maybe be a personal trainer, I wanna be a Pilot or I want to be a nurse when I grow older cause I want to help people. Unfortunately,a lot of people don't have this clarity of what they want to do as did I, cause I had no clue what so ever.

So the big decision. Max, you have 2 months left what are you going to do?! Mum/Dad, I don't know! I have visited multiple school/studies and they all don't really feel like the right thing for me.

I maybe also need to mention that you have to go to school until your 18 years old in The Netherlands. All I wanted to do was get away travel for a year or something and figure out what I wanted to do. But of course I couldn't do that so I had to choose. I ended up choosing the study hotel management.

The study was very general. All the subjects I had weren't especially focused on hospitality so I could use my gained knowledge in different sectors besides hospitality.

It was hard for me to find motivation cause deep down I knew that this was not what I wanted. I liked languages, economics and being social. I tried to enjoy the subjects I liked and held on to my personal life outside of the school banks to keep myself going.

Eventually, I graduated. I was 20 years old and got my degree in hotel management. Nice right? I actually started to like to study because it gave me time to think and while I was studying I didn't have to make any life-changing decisions.

Until one day I decided. I am not happy, I need to get my life back on track again and this is when it happened. I started brainstorming on a couple of things:

1. What makes me happy/when do I feel alive?

2. What do I not like? Why am I still doing it?

3.Where do I see myself in 5 years?

4. Who am I ?

5. What do I want to achieve in life in general

Once I did this it gave me a lot of clarity on what and who I wanted to be. Don't get me wrong I am not there yet but it is going the right way.

Let me break it down for you :)

1. What makes me happy/when do I feel alive?

Society always tries to make us feel like we NEED to do things. Let me tell you that's complete bullshit. You can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it.

For me, the answer to this question was: writing, sports, friends, traveling, making music. But those are hobbies ? Who says you can't make a job out of your passion/hobby? Let me tell you something. You are your only limitation.

You also have to experience things you don't like to realize what you do like. So explore try new things, be experimental.

I realized I really gained a lot of energy and happiness out of writing. Once I knew that I started my blog!

I've always written little poems and lyrics to songs when I played my guitar and through the years it had become really something I enjoyed to do. I contacted the University of communication and asked if she knew something for me. Guess what ?! I am going to do a course in August to learn the basics of writing and how to write a book!

What I would like you to do

Make a list of things you like, something that really gives you a thrill. Let's say 3 things. Think about why this gives you such a thrill and what kind of jobs are possible with these things you like.

2. What do I not like? Why am I still doing them?

In my case, it was my job. After my study, I wanted to do sales. So I started at a furniture company through a friend of my soccer team. I did administration for most of the time and realized this wasn't the right thing for me. So I quit my job, got back into hospitality and then started focusing on my writing.

I believe that some things happen for a reason and in a certain phase. It takes time to discover who you are, what you like and what your interests are. Give it time, explore and be open to new things. Sure it could end up being a bad experience. But I'd rather do something then later say : what if.....

I have a pretty positive mindset, but of course, there are people who don't always want to believe in that every dark cloud has a silver lining and that is ok. It would be boring if we're all the same. But just try to think sometime that every situation good or bad can be an opportunity to learn something.

What I would like you to do

Make a list of thing you don't like, something you have been doing for a while and I want you to really think this through. Why am I still doing this? If you realize that you don't know the answer to this. Then just quit.

I understand that's easier said than done. You might be forced to something because your parents want you to do it. But this is YOUR life. They can give their opinion and they may have their influences. But in the end you call the shots, you are the captain of your own life.

3. Where do I see myself in 5 years

To be honest I always hated this question haha. Once a week we had this class where you would sit down with your mentor and you had to fill in a couple of these kinds of questions. I never knew how to answer it.

''I can't look in the future, I'll tell you in 5 years.'' I realized that was a pretty immature answer from me. Now I know that question was actually pretty good.

You can never know exactly how things will turn out, but you can think about the things you are into right now and if you want to pursue doing them in the future.

If you set goals for yourself you have something to work with. Goals give you a certain form of focus. Once you know what to focus on you can track your progress. Because you set this goal you will hold yourself accountable to do it every week. Like I hold myself accountable to post a post every Friday at 3 p.m. Goals are important. It gives you that extra push to maintain that drive which made you start the project in the first place.

What I would like you to do

make a list of your current interests and make a prediction if you will still be doing them in 5 years

4. Who am I ?

This only you know. You will find the answer to this question through the experiences you go through in your life. One thing is for sure. Don't ever try to change yourself because of somebody else. Natural you can change through experiences, but never let somebody force you to be something your not.

What I would like you to do

Knowing yourself. Your best trades and your worst flaws. Can significantly help you deal with situations the best way possible. If you know you get angry pretty quickly then you know you shouldn't interfere with something that is none of your business.

I would like you to make a list of your best trades/worst flaws. Just by writing it down you acknowledge and think about who YOU are.

5. What do I want to achieve in life in general

This could be having a threesome, chuck 10 biers straight. Everybody has their own dreams. You could see this as your bucket-list. What do you really want to achieve in your life? What is something you really want to learn, see, experience?

What I would like you to do

Post 5 things you would like to achieve in your life in the comments below. I will kick it off by posting 5 myself lets get the ball rolling ^^!

Hey, you made it to the end :P. Awesome !

This was my case study : from midlife crisis to midlife opportunity. I hope you liked it and that it's useful to you. So you too can turn your life around and focus more on the things you love.

Yours sincerely,

The left handed writer

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