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Top 5 Netflix Series Recommendations


1. Sherlock

Sherlock! This one is my personal favorites. Since I was little I liked mysteries, riddles and finding out the clue before it was shown. that's why I found this series quite appealing, as I am sure you will do as well.

Of course it is hard to compete with the original (The adventures of Sherlock Holmes a tv series of 1984-1985), but in my opinion Benedict Cumberbatch is doing an amazing job with his partner Martin Freeman playing as Dr. Watson.

The directors made it in a way that all the facet like we know them Baker street, London and the characters are still in place but replaced them by a modern age version. London in the present day like we now it and focusing on the deduction techniques of Sherlock Holmes as they would have been today.

It is amazing how they showed his eye for detail, every clue, smell or sound is displayed in such a unique way. You can see during episodes when Sherlock ( Benedict Cumberbatch) would have one of his moments where he is trying to figure out the case. They would visualize it by putting the images and letters in the screen like you are figuring out the case yourself, quite a cool perspective!

The series has 4 seasons. Every season consisting out of 3 episodes. Every episode takes up to 1,5 hour. Yes 1,5 hour, almost the same duration as a average movie, but I promise you you are going to be so addicted to the series that those 1,5 hours are over before you know it, just as your Saturday after you watched season 1...... Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the better ;).

2. How I met your mother

The title may give it away. The series is told through the eyes of Ted Mosby where he explains his kids in 2030 how he met their mother. starting with the engagement of Lily and Marshall his best friends. Marshall was Ted's roommate during High school.

The series is about the adventures of 5 friends : Ted, Lily, Robin, Marshall and Barney. Most of the adventures take place in a bar called Mccallen's Bar in New York, Manhattan. The series started in 2005 and ended in 2014. It has 208 episodes. Every episode taking up to 25 minutes. How I met your mother is a brilliant romantic comedy series. Great for when you want to take a break from studying, or when you come home after a long day of work. You just watch one episode a day and you receive your daily humor for the upcoming year. It is funny and not to heavy, just easy to watch series where you don't have to think about thinks to long.

3. Limitless

A series with as main character : Brian Finch. A mid-twenty year old under-performing musician who on a casual day got in contact with an old friend. A friend that was his drug dealer during their High School time. He had a completely new drug called : NZT. Take it he said. ''It will open your eyes.''. Brian took the pill and went home.

Through studies it has been proven that we humans only use approximately 10% of our brain capacity. Imagine if you would have permitted access to 100%. You are sharper, can remember every memory you have ever had and learn everything 100x faster, the world would be at your feet. Everything would be possible.

In limitless Brian finch uses the drug to help out the FBI to resolve hard cases. During the duration of the drug the possibility's might be limitless, but once it wore off it would have some nasty side effects. Limitless is a crazy roller-coaster science fiction series with humor, action and adventures.

Pretty cool concept if you asked me, in most science fiction movies/series the directors use their imagination of what would be possible in the future and most of the things actually come true. Would be pretty cool if you could enhance 100% of your brain's memory. It consist out of 1 season with 22 episodes. Every episode taking up to 45 minutes. Go check it out!

4. Marvel's Daredevil

By day Murdock is a lawyer and by night he fights crime as vigilante of hell's kitchen. Did I forget to tell you he is blind? Yes Murdock is a badass blind lawyer. Together with Foggy Nelsen he has a law firm and takes on cases for innocent people who can't pay a lawyer. He has thought himself how to fight and because his senses are so good he sees everything coming.

a real thriller, action series with a lot of good fighting scenes and some law on the side.

5. Suits

A great series about law. Every lawyer must have seen this one. But if your not it is still a good watch.

Mike Ross is a college drop out with a photographic memory. He helps people get into law schools by doing the LSAT test (The law school admission test)for them. Mike makes some decent money with that till on a certain day his grandma gets into the hospital and he has to get 15.000 dollars real quick to pay for her medical bill. He agreed on doing a big drug deal but he had been set up.

While he is running for the people that want to kill him he finds his escape by going inside a room where they are helding interviews for applicants who want to work for one of the best lawfirm in New York.

He sits in front of Harvey Specter who asks him multiple questions based on the book for the test he used to make to make extra money. He impresses Harvey with his personality and photographic memory and gets the job.

Mike and Harvey win almost every case and in the episodes you see how they build every case and how they have to go through the struggles of getting information and long days. If you are someone that likes action, humor, bending the rules of the law (sometimes) and romance then this is the serie for you. Suits has 6 seasons every episode taking up to 45 minutes. A great way of displaying the law. ''Its not bragging if it's true ;).''Said by Harvey Specter.

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