Top 5 Dutch sweets that you have to try

Hi, guys welcome back to yet another blog post by the left handed writer. I was brainstorming yesterday about what to write about for my next post and couldn't quite figure it out. I kept on thinking and thinking till suddenly an idea popped into my head! Just keep it close to who you are ^^. Well, I am dutch so I thought, let's make a series of typical things you can only buy, do, or experience in The Netherlands.

Let me know what you think in the comments below if you like this series or if you think it sucks. Either way, I'd like to hear your opinion.

Alright, lets dive into this sugar bomb cause believe me if you didn't have it already you're going to feel like you have diabetes after this one.

Let's kick off with the stroopwafel one of my favorites and best freshly made on the market! <3

1. Stroopwafel ​​

The stroopwafel is a thin wafel with sweet syrup between the 2 layers. Its one of The Netherlands most famous treats. You can buy them everywhere. In the supermarket or in the Central Station. A great present to let your foreigner friends taste some of the Dutch culture.

2. Drop

The Netherlands pride: Drop! Drop is available in a lot different forms and sizes.

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter these sweets are made to really test your taste buds. You can get them in those bags you see up here. I like to have them in my car. It is a nice little treat while your driving. Combine that with the beautiful landscapes of The Netherlands with some rain and believe me it is pure heaven xD.

3. Oliebol

This is in one word delicious. It is only available at the end of the year cause it is used as a symbol to celebrate the new year. You drink some champagne, eat an oliebol and catch up with some friends. While you enjoy the view of all the beautiful fireworks in the sky and counting down to the new year.

When you buy the oliebol you have two options. Either with currants or without. I personally like them with currants and with a lot of powdered sugar. In every city, you will find booths where you can buy the oliebol.

So if you're in The Netherlands between November and the begin of January then make sure to try it out! Even if you're just passing through and have to wait for your next flight, they even sell them at the airport ^^.

4. Poffertjes

HOT DAMN. Thank god this treat isn't seasonal. These my good people are poffertjes. You can compare the taste to crêpes. It is the same kind of dough. Just really small.

They put the batter of the dough on a hot plate with small circle shaped forms. Because the batter stays in one place the dough gets thicker and it rises.

Poffertjes are traditionally eaten with butter and powdered sugar like you see in the picture above. They can be bought in booths in the shopping areas in the big cities.

5. Kruidnoten

Dammit again!?!? Yes, these bad boys are unfortunately only available in the months: October, November, December but only until the 5th of December shortly after that you won't be able to get them anywhere.

It is during the time when we celebrate Sinterklaas which is a children festivity.

But what do they taste like? Well, it tastes like a ginger cookie basically, but since there is no exact comparison in the English language I guess there is only one solution. Try them out yourself :P!

They are available everywhere during the period of time I mentioned earlier. You could buy the original which is great, but once you shine your light on the ones covered with a layer of chocolate then you know you don't want nothing else. Men I could eat a whole KG of those. You feel so bad after but in the moment everything is just what you ever hoped for in life XD.

Alright folks that's it! My Top 5 Dutch sweets. I hoped you liked it. I suggest you try one of them and let me know what you think! Am I exaggerating or are they really this good?? I like to know your opinion.

Tell me in the comments below which one you liked most or which Dutch sweets you tried already^^.

I wish you all a great weekend.

Yours sincerely,

The left handed writer.

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