Top 3 things on how to improve fingerpicking on the guitar

Hi guys this time I am going to write something about the top 3 things you can do to improve your finger picking on the guitar. This was a request of one of my readers and since I play the guitar myself I thought it would be nice to write a blog-post about it.

Lets dive in ^^

Top 3

Number 1 : Practice

It might sound cheeky but its true, talented or not if you put the hours in something and your motivated, you can achieve anything. The keyword is ''repeat'' if you do something more often then it will stick and you will remember it better.

One thing I always do is when I struggle in a song with a lot of finger picking I take it step by step. No one is rushing you, you don't have a deadline so take it slow. First take the first bar and play it over and over again maybe even with a metronome so you can get up to the same rhythm as of the original song. Eventually gather all the separate pieces you practiced/mastered and BAM the puzzle is complete and you can play the song.

Number 2 : YouTube

We live in a decade where the technology increases by the minute. It is unbelievable what resources we can use to achieve something nowadays. Especially YouTube. Because there are hundreds, no maybe even thousands of different tutorials on how to improve your finger picking by actual professional guitar players, tutorials on how to play a specific song in different difficulties (beginner, amateur, semi-pro, expert) so you can learn plenty of songs and take it at your own phase!

I would like to recommend a app. Its called Tabs & Chords - learn and play. It is available on the app store and the android market. It is a great app where you can find tabs for almost every song ( they keep it really up to date). Every song has multiple options on how you want to play it. For instance the song : riptide from Vance joy. There are tabs for ukulele and guitar. Even when you have a high or lower voice they have tabs with the chords for different types of voices so there's always a tab for you ;).

When you click on a version it shows the chords and the lyrics. if you click on one of the chords it will show you a picture on how to play the chord and a play button which shows you what the chord should sound like. You can swipe left for alternative versions of the specific chord so when your a beginner and still struggle with barre chords then you can always choose on of the alternatives ^^!

Number 3 : Look at things from a different perspective

If you struggle with a certain song or part. Try to look at it from another perspective. Someone's else solution can be your solution. What I mean by that is that you have a certain tab in front of you and your trying to play a certain song. Nobody is expecting you to play the song with all the pull offs, hammer on and slides like they do in the original song. Just look for another tab with easier chords, maybe just the notes for the song without the extra tricks. It sounds literally the same most of the time.

So save yourself the trouble and look for something easier. There is no shame in taking it step by step you can't learn the guitar in 24 hours. Just keep on playing and have fun !

Ok! thats a wrap! I hope my Top 3 things on how to improve finger picking where useful for you :).

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