The title may give it away, it is time for a challenge! What kind of challenge you might think? Let me explain. The goal of this challenge is to reverse the standard things we usually do on a day to make them more fun.

For example, I went to a restaurant for dinner. Nothing spectacular right? Well, normally you would order a starter-main dish-dessert. But this time we are going to apply the challenge to it, which means I will start by ordering a dessert, follow this up with the main dish and I will finish with a starter.

By doing this I just created a completely new experience! Probably every chef in the world would probably shout at me: You´re a fool! There is a reason why it is in this order, because you slowly build up the taste that’s how you keep it balanced! Well, sometimes you have to just think “oh what the hell” and go with it.

I thought it was a great thing to try out. It gives a completely different perspective on eating. The chef of the restaurant liked my idea, he said well it doesn't really matter in which order I serve it to you right ;).

If you’re open to new things, then everything is possible ^^.

Beneath I'll show you some pictures of my #theoterwayaroundchallenge

Dessert-main dish- starter I reversed the standard menu.

Once I finished my main dish I thought: "mmmh what shall I take for dessert?." It is funny how the mind works once you are used to something.

As a starter : Apfelstrüdel mit Vanillesauce :P

As the main dish: Pesto spaghetti with shrimps

and as the dessert: Vitello tonnato

What I would like you to do

1. Do 1 thing you normally do but completely reversed.

2. Make a picture or pictures of what you did differently.

3. Post your story on Instagram or Facebook with a picture and use #theotherwayaroundchallenge, Tag me in the post @the_left_handed_writer so I know what creative things you guys came up with!

Let's MAKE THIS A THING!! WOEHH!#theotherwayaroundchallenge


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