10 things you should try in 2018 ( see the checklist below)

tryHello and welcome back! It's 2018! Hope everyone had a great new year's eve? Well, I most definitely did! Had my shift until 10 p.m., caught up with some colleagues at the bar to toast on the new year and as the cherry on top, there was a live band! They were awesome. Men did that guy have the soul! After that, I went out with some lovely Danish people, Got home late and needed the whole day to recover haha.

Do you have a crazy new year's story?

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OK, so new year's day has passed. Back to work, back to school.What now? A whole new year with lots of opportunities to try new things. Where do I start? This is where I show up. Feeling like you don't have any inspiration? Let me help you get started. Below I'll give you 10 idea's of ideas you could try in the new year.

1. Explore

Visit a suburb or any place near your house you haven't seen before. Maybe you'll discover a great fishing spot ( if you are into that xD), Meet some great people on the way, or see a new part of town/city with some nice shops you haven't noticed before.

2. Try a new cuisine

Italian, Vietnamese, France. Whatever you feel like. Spice things up and get out of your comfort zone. Make something different for a change and maybe surprise a friend or your family with your creation. Even if you are not really a cook. Try something simple like make an omelet or toast. It always nice to know how to cook things and a plus, you can impress girls with it :P.

3. Learn a new language

Don't get me wrong I am not expecting you to make a study out of it. But lets just say, 10 phrases. Even 1 to 10 can be useful. Try to pick up a language of a country that you want to visit in the future. So when you go you have some basic knowledge ;).

4. Learn an instrument

Music is a great way to create a nice atmosphere or a distraction when you can't focus on studying. Take for example the guitar. It is not that hard to learn a couple of chords and with only 4 chords you can play almost every pop song!. So when people ask you to play something at the bonfire you can say: ''I got this''. How nice is that?!

5. Redesign your room/apartment

Have you been looking to that some white wall every day? Buy some paint and give your life some color! Switch some furniture around and get a new look in the house, see things from another perspective and give it a shot! It might be a small change but the smallest of changes can have a big impact and clear your mind.

6. Get cultural

Have a day off? Instead of laying in your bed until noon. Go out! Get some fresh air and visit a museum or art gallery. Personally, I don't do it that often as well. But every time I do visit them I am so intrigued by the stories that I hear. It really gets your mind going and I often get more creative if I see other people being creative.

7. Meet up with an old friend.

It might have been a while but there was a mutual interest at the start :). Maybe you can find each other again. Grab a beer and some food, I am sure there is enough to talk about. I admit sometimes you decide to avoid someone for different reasons, but if you don't have these then I don't see why you wouldn't. Maybe you get a job out of it or a new hobby. Life is unpredictable, let's keep it that way.

8. Get old school

I know we live in a century where that contacting one another is a matter of seconds. But we forget about how much more impact a letter has. You take more time to choose your words and the message is far more valuable than a whats app message. You have a friend who's on a holiday send him a card!

9. Be part of the crowd

Normally I would recommend to be yourself and never change who you are because of someone else. But this situation is different. Look at the site of your community and see if they got any events planned. Get out of your comfort zone and attend to one. Try something new, meet new people. It might suck, but it might also be awesome! You never know if you never try. From experiences, we learn :).

10. Music

Music again? original..... No this is about trying a new genre of music. You might be used to listening to a certain kind of music but. Don't be too critical for once and play another playlist on Spotify. Often when you least expect it the greatest things can happen. You might discover a new artist you haven't heard of and as simple as that you find a new genre you like.

Did you like the suggestions? Or did you have something else in mind?. Drop a comment below and let me know what you think!


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Yours sincerely,

The left handed writer

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