My first blog post !

Who am I?

Hi !

My name is Max Asbeek Brusse and writer of the left handed writer.

Ever since I was little I liked to read. Especially science fiction. I always and forever will be a dreamer. That’s probably why I could relate so much to the science fiction books, cause they lead you to a world where everything was possible.

Once I grew older I realized that this was a bit cliché and that if I wanted something to happen I had to take matters into my own hands. This is why I started this blog. For now its still unclear to me what to write about. But you know what they say : ”we learn as we go” and that is the way I like to see it.

What do I want to achieve?

My goal with The Left Handed Writer is : Is to create a community for people to share their interest. So we can brainstorm together to find a solution for every problem or struggle at hand.


Today I would like to talk about focus. Focus is a weird thing, cause it means

that you have to stay concentrated for a certain amount of time, which is hard when there are so many distractions.

But don’t worry I got you 😉. Cause beneath you’ll find :

5 tips/tricks on how to maintain and how to regain your focus.

  • Lists

Your brain is a computer and as you might have noticed with your own pc/laptop it gets slower once there are to many tabs or programs opened. So what are you saying? I am saying that if you could somehow get rid of these programs/tabs your performance increases.

So what is the key word : Lists ^^ . If you would have to write down the all the tasks that you have on your mind right now, then this would not only give you more structure but also more capacity to think. Cause you just closed a tab so you don’t constantly have to remind yourself about it. This puts the mind at ease so now you can focus more on other things, like that essay you had to write for example 😉.

  • Monitor distractions

Distractions are everywhere and everybody has them. Cause your brain can only focus for so long before it needs to recover. But how do you avoid these distractions? Cause most of the time you are not even aware of it.

Well, whenever you feel dozed off and you feel like you can’t focus at all. you do a certain thing for example : go far a walk, get coffee etc. Monitor this. Like how long do these distractions take? How often do they happen? Do you have these distractions at a certain hour off the day? When you have to do a particular task? If you can get more awareness over your distractions and change your behavior a little bit. Then you can avoid these distractions from happening and you can have more control over your distractions.

  • 5 minute to do list

Whenever you have to carry out a big task and you just don’t have the energy or focus at that moment. I suggest you try the 5 minute to do list. It contains very easy small tasks that don’t require a lot of thinking. For example : Printing out some documents, Scan something, throw away the trash, reorganize your desk etc. So even when you don’t feel like it at that moment you can still be productive . After the small task your brain has recovered and you can continue your work.

  • Find joy in routine

**** not again! Do I really have to walk with the dog? Just let me stay in bed for another 10 minutes. You probably recognize this. Those moments when you are not really feeling the daily routine,well this a tip to make this easier.

There will always be tasks that you don’t enjoy or are not motivated to do. But the sad part is you kinda have to do it, so you better crush it when you do so!

Example 1: The dog you have to walk. You might despise the animal but it allows you to get out. Get some fresh air. Combine this with listening to some music and guess what!? You don’t even notice the dog is there.

Example 2: You have a meeting. Who says the location is determined ?

Do you really have to do it in that dusty meeting room, where its way to hot and where the air conditioning is trying, but the sweat and the people trying to gasp for air is just too much to even get a little breeze.

No! Instead try a new environment. Just go outside. Let the meeting take place in the nearest park or during lunch. Be creative!

If you are open to try new things you can make your regular routine a lot more fun 😊.

  • To postpone a task is not always bad?

Huh? So I can just postpone something when I don’t feel like it?

No not exactly. I think I can speak for most of the people when I say that we often postpone something that has a deadline. Ending up being really stressful to finish it at the last moment. Don’t get me wrong I am one of

those people. But it is not bad to reflect on situations like that. Why do I postpone this task??

Ask yourself the following questions when you postpone a task:

  • Is the tasks worth completing at all?

  • Is the project aligned with the goals that I’ve set?

  • What was the reason in the first place I had to do this task?

If you ask yourself these questions. Then you can reflect on yourself how important tasks are. This way you can filter tasks and focus on tasks that are more important and actually need your attention and focus.

Alright! Those were my :

5 tips/tricks on how to maintain and how to regain your focus.

I hope you liked it and that you found them useful.

If you enjoyed the article. Then please put down in the comments below what you do to regain or maintain focus ? I would love to hear what creative ways you use to get yourself back on the horse after you lost your concentration.


Make sure to put down your name so I know who posted the comment.

That's it for now ! Thankyou again for reading the article and I wish you all a great day!

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Yours sincerely,

The left handed writer

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