Book reviews

Last week I’ve finished the book The art of not giving a *. A book that shows you the thought process of Mark Johnson. Blogger and internet entrepreneur.


His way of writing is so convincing that in the nick of time his perspective on things makes a lot of sense. Psychological, funny, well thought through and constantly entertaining.


All insecurities, negative feelings, wrong mindsets almost immediately disappear when you adopt the message of the book. Stop giving an * about things that don’t deserve your attention and energy. Go back to your roots and validate for yourself what you truly value in life.


I mentioned funny, didn’t I? Yes, well this is correct. Mark uses references to events in history to make the subject which he is trying to explain more understandable, making well observed, hilarious puns throughout the story.

When I finished the book I couldn’t help, but smile. This was a sign of me being satisfied, what a good read!


I am mainly a science fiction, thriller book kinda guy. The books are just very alive and there’s a lot happening and I like that about them. I am a dreamer and visual thinker so that’s probably why I can relay so well to those genres. That’s why I never thought I could pick up a non-fiction/psychological book like the art of not giving a *.


Actually having to reflect on me, taking it all in and using it in my day to day life. But I did. And I am glad too. Because it is all there: the humor, research, quotes, and stories in the book elevates the at the start seemingly boring parts, which in a whole makes the book super easy to read.


I am a fairly positive guy, but everyone has its insecurities. To me, that is my fear of failing once committing to something. Music, my writing, my career. I coop with it better every day and that is mainly because of this book.


Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t abandon all your principles and see Mark Johnson’s way of thinking as the superior one.  Just take it in and see to what extent it helps you in your life.


The book is so well known that you can probably pick it up in one of the bookstores near you or otherwise you can always order it on Amazon. 


Go check it out!


Yours sincerely,


The left handed writer




 Bergschenhoek, Netherlands